Bugs Bunny: What was funny then might be “politically incorrect” now?


Would a Bugs Bunny cartoon produced in the 1950’s and viewed as a satire be offensive to modern-day feminists? In “What’s Opera, Doc” (1950) Bugs plays the part of the Valkyrie Brünnhilde from Wagner’s  Ring cycle ( Der Ring des Nibelungen http://bit.ly/2lF5nF8 ) of Siegfried’s lover.

Dressed as a Valkyrie, Bugs seduces Elmer Fudd (who plays Siegfried) with a campy,   sendup of the operatic character.



Fudd eventually pursues Bugs.


Would contemporary feminist women be offended by Bugs depiction as a vamp?


The full cartoon is at this link:

Bugs Bunny – What’s Opera, Doc by bugs-bunny1

Bugs has satirized women in other cartoons such as:


“Hare Conditioned” (1945) and in other cartoons:

In another cartoon, “Water, Water Every Hare” (1952), Bugs is pursued by a furry monster. He imitates an effeminate manicurist and hairdresser (“my stars, where did you get that awful hairdo?“). He has a stereotypical conversation with his client:


and chats him up about his new hairdo.


The scene can be viewed here:

Would contemporary gay men view bugs as a stereotype of a male hairstylist?


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